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We're sure you realize that looking, sounding, and acting unique can set you apart from others.

But there's different ... and then there's weird. Just being different from others doesn't mean your customers will love you any more.

Think Nocturnal specializes in branding. Yeah, we design logos, name products and companies, and do wide-scale strategic positioning to differentiate you from competitors, but it's more than that.

We study how customers naturally behave—not just what they'll tell you—so we can see the truth. Then we design experiences for those customers and prospects that they will appreciate and remember.

In the end, we give clients the tools to "brand" a positive, ongoing experience to their companies and their products. Because a brand is a lasting, memorable connection—not just a logo, a tag-line or a product wrapping.

To make all this work, we reinvented the wheel. This time we made it shiny.

The result is our integrated creative process. It helps us plan smart, so we can create brilliantly.

1. We start all projects with our Think Nocturnal brand research method.

2. Then we begin our Think Nocturnal creative positioning process.

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